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3rd Party Libraries in the App Store

Its always good to put some market driven data points on what other mobile games and applications use for 3rd party libraries and frameworks. Its hard to find without looking at the source code but there’s a way looking at the bundles and executables. I created set of scripts that picks apart iTunes applications you’ve downloaded and spreads some knowledge on the contents. Which games use Unity? Which games use Cocos2dx? Which games use AdMob? Which games you Adobe AIR? etc.


Its not perfect and there’s lots of brute force there. I’d love to make it more robust. Admit tingly I probably should’ve chosen to write it in Node.js versus Bash. Its not the highest on my list to contribute to at this moment.

I’m 99.99% confident that I’ll be using Unity on the next game project. If it hasn’t been clear through the announcement of version 5.0 Unity, it certainly is talking to the neighborhood. My local network has talked highly of Unity for some time. I’ve given it a good “whirl” and from my experience so far, it will give a small team exactly what they need client side to get the job done. Its pretty much… What you see is what you get across platforms. A colleague of mine actually said, “its like cheating”. Well it is and it isn’t. The app parser above has a script that can be used “./parse-unity-itunes-apps.sh” to find libraries in your Unity applications you have in your iTunes library.

Check out some results: